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  • Meg Hendery


Updated: May 29, 2019

Do you want a newborn that sleeps more soundly, cries less, and doesn’t leave scratches all over their face? Well, Queen City Newborn Care has a huge secret to tell you, for the one time low price of $19.99! Just kidding. It’s no secret, and you don’t have to pay us to get the answer either; all you have to do is swaddle your baby.

All babies want to be wrapped up secure in a soft blanket! When a 2 week old busts out of their swaddle, it’s not because “they prefer their arms out” and it’s not because, “she doesn’t like to be swaddled.” It’s actually completely unintentional and caused by one of the many primitive reflexes your special little baby is born with. Swaddling prevents that annoying Moro reflex from waking your little nugget and interrupting their beauty sleep! Moro was just the name of the old Austrian pediatrician that discovered the reflex. It’s better known as the startle reflex.

Doesn’t that just sound heavenly though.. a newborn that cries less. A newborn that sleeps soundly and doesn’t wake each time their startle reflex is triggered! Sounds amazing to me. In reality, you could wrap your baby in any old cloth thats long and wide enough to cover them, but let’s face it. There are some super cute and functional swaddle blankets out there and who doesn’t want an excuse to go to Target or buybuy BABY?

Flat blankets:

Aden and Anais swaddle blankets – These are thin, soft muslin cotton and very large for easy swaddling. They are usually sold in 3 packs. Great for use in summer and winter. If you have a summer baby, you can leave your baby in just the diaper and blanket. These are so light and breathable, and the more you wash them, the softer they get.

Carter’s 2 pack swaddle blankets – These are soft stretchy 100% cotton and feel like a t-shirt. I seriously wish someone would swaddle me in these. They are a little small but perfect for the first 1-6 weeks. I just really love these because they stretch, so you can pull and adjust to make sure no little arms accidentally bust out.

There are lots of new brands that sell muslin cotton and they are all great!

Zipper/velcro swaddles:

Love To Swaddle Up – soft organic cotton and smooth zipper closure makes them SUPER easy to use! Its basically like a little cocoon that keeps arms and legs inside.

Halo SleepSack – I am a huge fan of sleep sacks when they grow out of the swaddle. These have the traditional zipper closure and also have two arm wraps to swaddle your little one in the beginning until they transition to arms out.

Summer Infant Swaddle Me – Summer swaddles have a velcro closure on the side and tummy. These are so easy to use and keep most baby’s arms swaddled perfectly by their sides.

There are so many different brands and some are way too complicated and expensive but in my doula opinion, these are the best. They are all sold at Target and buybuy BABY! Now go swaddle those little kung fu baby arms and watch how fast your baby relaxes. If you need some help or tips, you can always hire a Queen City Newborn Care postpartum doula; we might even let you take a nap!

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