$199 Search Fee


This is the only fee due before you start interviewing. This fee helps conduct the beginning stages of vetting candidates, organizing interviews, arranging availability, creating schedules, and more "behind the scenes" work. Our placement process includes pre-screened candidates with clear background checks and excellent reference checks, plus an optional in-person consultation with the founder of QCNC to answer any questions as well. Each newborn specialist that we represent has 3+ years of newborn experience, SIDS training, infant/child CPR certification, and additional continuing education relating to newborn and/or postpartum care.


Hourly Rate

Level I starting at $21 per hour

Level II starting at $25 per hour

Level III starting at $28 per hour


$850 Placement Fee


This fee is not due until you have interviewed all of our candidates and chosen your favorite. Please know that this is an agency fee, paid directly to our agency and completely separate from the night nurse's hourly rate.


Feeling overwhelmed? Many families have chosen these packages over the years:


  • 3 nights per week for 6 weeks, Sunday Tuesday Thursday

  • 2 nights per week for 12 weeks, Monday Wednesday

  • 5 nights per week for 6 weeks, Sunday through Thursday

  • 200 hours for 8 weeks, starting with 5 nights per week and decreasing number of nights every 1-2 weeks

  • 3 nights per week for 2 weeks


$100 additional last minute processing fee for a night nurse to start within 48 hours.


These team members have a minimum of nanny experience with babies under 4 months old, SIDS training, CPR certification, and postpartum doula or newborn care specialist training. They have between 35-40 hours of continuing education and have been mentored by our owner and founder of QCNC. Level I newborn specialists are great for parents wanting an extra set of hands from someone with more knowledge than a newborn nanny!


Starts at $21 per hour


Level I team members do not work independently with triplets


These team members have 2+ years of experience with babies under 1 month old, SIDS training, CPR certification, and postpartum doula training, newborn care specialist training or are RNs/LPNs. They also have 40+ hours of additional continuing education. They have twin and/or triplet experience, as well as experience with high needs babies or unique situations.


Starts at $25 per hour


Please inquire about higher order multiples


These team members are our experts. Beyond postpartum doula training, newborn care specialist training, or RN/LPN licensing, they have advanced training in sleep coaching, lactation, postpartum mood disorders, have twin and triplet experience, as well as experience with high needs babies and unique situations. They have 100+ hours of continuing education.


Starts at $28 per hour


Please inquire about higher order multiples

We offer care 7 days a week, day or night! 

We have postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists, licensed practical nurses, or registered nurses on the team that specialize in working with newborns for the first few months of their life. All team members hired by QCNC have different strengths, so if you have a particular area you're concerned about (such as breastfeeding, multiples experience, postpartum mood disorders, or medical needs), we can find someone with experience to match!

Travel  + Live-In Care

We offer live-in care for a minimum of 72 hours. This includes 4 hours off each day to shower and rest. This is a great option for parents recovering from a cesarean section, no family in town to help, or a family expecting multiples.


With traveling, all airfare, lodging, meals, and transportation fees will be paid by the family. An overnight flat rate is required if her services are not needed in the evenings. A minimum of 8 hours per day of paid work is required and those hours can be split at the discretion of the family and the newborn specialist (for example – 4 hours every morning and 4 hours every evening, 8 hour overnight shifts, 8 hour daytime shifts, etc). Great for a family going on a vacation or parents who have to travel for work and are breastfeeding or don't want to be away from their little one.

When you’re ready to get started, please fill out our Family Application, and our office team will be in touch immediately.
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